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Sunday, December 12, 2004
New Posts On The Way

Yes, new posts are on the way. I started with the all important "Changing the template for the season". Hee hee. =-)

Thursday, April 01, 2004
And The Beat Goes On (Finally)

It's official. We now have a drummer in my band!!!!!! I'm soooo excited. He's amazing. Our first gig with him is May 1st at the Rock 'n Bowl (It actually has a night club inside with a dance floor, stage and cool lighting system) in Baldwin. Come on out and dance the night away!!!

Shades of Pink

Yes, that's right I finally did it. I streaked my hair pink. Why? Because I can. I've spent so much of my life worrying about what others think of me and if I look appropriate and I'm sooooo tired. I now make a living doing only "Artsty" things (Webdesign, choir conductor, Theatre director, singer) so being a little odd is expected. More importantly, it's fun and I like it!

Time Out

At last, my first Children's Theatre session is compleat. Thank the Gods. My brain hurts, my body hurts but my soul is happy. The kids were brilliant! I'm so very impressed with all of them. The show, when we wrote it, seemed funny on paper but it wasn't until show night that I realized HOW funny it is. Yea!!!!! I am REALLY glad it's over though. Next on the agenda is the Choir, which is on going, the "Come Over to Our House". All the while we'll be working on "Newsies". Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a meeting at Nancys on Friday to start active planning. last.......a day of rest. Saturday Shannon and I are going to Toronto to see Sarah. She's a pannel at AdAstra. Woot! She will also be reading a selection. (Do you know what yet Sarah?) I can't wait!!!! That what I need, good friends, fun and shopping! Huzzah!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

If you want to take a moment to feel inspired, awe-struck and just good to the tips of your toes go here. (Sarah- you MUST click the link) I'll be visiting several times today. =-) Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004
House of Work and Boredom

I have never, in all of my life had soooo much work to do. I feel like I am drowning. I'm now up to 10 vocal students, I'm teaching drama monday evenings, rehearsing Tuesday, Choir on Wednesday, students until late Thursday, Friday, Saturday are my gig nights, Sunday, blessed Sunday = Day OFF!!! And that's just from 4-10 pm. I work Monday - Friday from 7-5 am doing website design. I'm currently working on 4 full sites, 3 updates and 2 graphic projects. I love my work but people tend to vex me so. Case in point.

Client: I was wondering if we can get the website finished soon. My busy seaon is starting and I'd love to have it available.

Me: Of course! Have you looked and the templates I sent you?

Client: Um....... ya. I love them

Me: Did you choose one?

Client: No.

Me: Well, you have to pick one before I can start.

Client: Oh.

Me: Also I need you to send me your text and what buttons (Pages) you'd like included.

Client: I do? Can't you do it?

Me: No. I don't know your business and I have no idea what you want included.

Client: Oh.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is right up there with the client that wanted me to spend the day with him at his work to learn the ins and outs of his buisness. Um..... excuse me? No. I don't think so. I don't need to know how you run your business. I just need your information and a brief over view. He also freaked when I told him, "Sure, I'd love to. I've never done that before so I guess the best thing to do it bill it as an "Add on" and charge you my graphic design rate of $50.00 per hour." Hee hee hee.

Here's another recent client.

After he gave me a range of colours to use I sent him 4 (which is far more than I should have) possible website designs. (Which for those of you who don't know are entire websites, minus the text and all the pics. For examples see here As with this example , everything must be drawn from scratch. It's a ton of freakin' work. Espically doing 4 different designs using one business.) I even put swatches on each of the pages using the different colours he liked.

Client: I love them all but I think I like number 4 best.

Me: Terrific! I'll start work on it.

Client: Ummmmm could I see it done with pattern 12b instead, I really liked that pattern.

Me: *Internally Sighing* Sure. No problem.

I quickly redo the entire site using Patter 12b, which is a bitch to work with. I even do 2 versions of it with the text in different colours.

Client: Oh I like it. But the pattern seems to be a little swirly. Can we (I love when they say WE like they have anything to do with it.) fix it so it's more defined?

Me: Well, it's like that because it's a very over lapped pattern and that's the only way I can get it to tile (repeat the pattern) without it creating a line every few inches.

Client: Oh.

Me: *Screaming inside* Well, I can try going in to each over lap point and redrawing it by hand. (A long and mindnumbing process)

Client: Ok. Thanks.

So I redo it and send it off.

Client: That's amazing I love it! But could I now could I see it in blue insead of Pink?


This would all be a lot easier to deal with if I had any source of amusement. I have virturally no social life, save for playing "EverQuest" , rewatching "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Lord of the Rings", and the occasional phone call or email from friends. Although I had a nice visit with Shannon on the weekend. =-) I was supposed to go vistit Sarah
over the weekend but I've yet recieve a paycheque from the town. Grrrrrrr..... a rant for another day! Ack! When did my life become so dull.......... I think maybe I'll take up bungee jumping or skydiving..... at least there is some excitement involved. *Sigh*

Friday, December 12, 2003
Happy Dance of Joy

Just a quick update. All is NOT lost! While trying to get my reinstalled paperweight organized I encountered a file named "Tami (backup)". Hummmmm....... I was about to delete it figuring it was just a backup of the "Tami" folder (well duh!) that my dad had saved which contained my website work, Sarahs writing, my writing and some pictures. But instead I decided to double check... thank the Goddess! In that beautiful, glorious folder is all of my music. Merry Christmas to me!

Monday, December 01, 2003
Crash! Bang! Oh Crap.....
Yup.... it's finally happened. Even living with a computer genius and having better security than the FBI we got a virus. At least we think it may be. Regardless, the end result has been the same. I lost almost everything on my computer. Most of my client stuff was backed up but all of my music, including all the originals are gone. We had to scrub the whole thing and reinstall the operating systems and the whole works. Now comes the fun task of reinstalling all of my programs and trying to get my email back up and running..... I'm not sure I remember the username and password.... If you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know why.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

So the other day I was cleaning my room, my mind was wandering and I was struck by a thought, "I wonder what Jonathan Brandis is up to lately"? He's a terrific actor that has appeared in many films and television shows such as *sigh* the now cancelled "Sea Quest". So I decide after the dreaded cleaning is done I'll take a quick surf around the internet and check it out. Well the urge to check was so strong I dropped what I was doing and hopped on the puter. This is what I found:

Actor Brandis Committed Suicide

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 25, 2003

Teen idol Jonathan Brandis died November 12.

Brandis also starred as crew member Lucas Wolenczek in the underwater sci-fi series "SeaQuest DSV," a role that garnered him a Young Artists Award in 1993 and helped turn him into a teen idol.

(CBS/AP) The death of 27-year-old actor Jonathan Brandis, who starred in two seasons of Steven Spielberg's "SeaQuest DSV," was a suicide, the county coroner's office said Monday.

Brandis, who died Nov. 12, hung himself, the coroner said.

Police said a friend of Brandis called 911 from the actor's apartment just before midnight on Nov. 11 to report Brandis had attempted suicide. Paramedics transported Brandis to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but he died the next day, police Detective Gene Parshall said.

Brandis started his career in commercials and on television, landing a recurring role on the soap "One Life to Live" at age 6. He also made guest appearances on "L.A. Law," "Who's the Boss?" and "Murder, She Wrote."

His film credits included the starring role in 1991's "The Neverending Story 2: The Next Chapter," the Rodney Dangerfield comedy "Ladybugs," the martial arts comedy "Sidekicks" with Chuck Norris and a small part in the 2002 film "Hart's War," starring Bruce Willis.

Brandis also starred as crew member Lucas Wolenczek in the underwater sci-fi series "SeaQuest DSV," a role that garnered him a Young Artists Award in 1993 and helped turn him into a teen idol. At one point, he was getting 4,000 fan letters a week -- and he was voted "Number-One Dreamboat" by "Tiger Beat" magazine.

Other film work included Ang Lee's 1999 "Ride with the Devil," and the coming-of-age comedy "Outside Providence," the same year.

It makes me so sad.